Connected Technology

The Technology

There are two ways that community members and their vehicles can get involved in this exciting connected vehicle research. The two types of systems available for installation into your vehicle are:

Vehicle Awareness Device (VAD): This device transmits your vehicle’s speed and GPS location 10 times per second as the vehicle drives around. Other vehicles equipped with the Aftermarket Safety Devices (ASD) can hear these transmissions, and potentially warn a driver if they are about to collide with the transmitting vehicle. The VAD is also transmitting this information to some of the roadside infrastructure that is equipped with our technology.

Aftermarket Safety Device (ASD): This device not only transmits the speed and GPS location, but can also hear the transmissions from nearby vehicles. The ASD is designed to provide audible warnings to drivers about potential crash situations they may have with other equipped vehicles.


The VAD and ASD installations are nearly identical. They both require 2 antennas: one on the exterior trunk lid (on sedans) or roof (on a van or SUV), and one on the inside of the vehicle towards the rear either behind the back seats or on an immobile side window. A small box, about the size of a VHS videotape, will be hidden somewhere in the rear area or in with the spare tire. For the ASDs, a small speaker will be hidden under the dashboard. Power is either drawn from the OBDII port under the steering column or through the fuse box. No power is drawn while the vehicle is turned off.

The installations are designed to do no damage to the vehicle. No holes will be drilled and no marks will be left anywhere on the vehicle once the equipment is removed.

VAD in wheel well
Sedan DSRC antenna
SUV GPS antenna